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From our first concerts in 2019 (Cosmic Classics — the Best of the Biggest Classical Music) and 2022 (Afternoon of Brass #1 Honoring Local Firefighters), we bring unique brass music to local communities.  In 2023 we upped our game to bring you the very best in classical brass by featuring BSO and POPS brass players in our most recent AB2 Series And now in 2024 for our AB3 Series we've upped our game again: you are invited to participate! Take a Trip with Us!

WANTED! Singers & Brass Players for AB3

PAUL DUKAS“Fanfare from La Peri” 
performed byPitzen Brass ResurrectionJune 5, 2022
directed byMITCHELL ARNOLDPatrick Smith, Executive Producer
JOHN WILLIAMS“Hymn to the Fallen”
performed byBay Colony Brass & New World ChoraleJune 5, 2022
directed byLAWRENCE ISAACSONPatrick Smith, Executive Producer